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Ferrick FamilyKennedi Hope newbornNoraMallory 6 months**{Ruby newborn/family~2016}****{Lacey: 1st birthday~2016}****{Ashley Senior class of 2016}****{Lesley Senior class of 2016}****{Felger kiddos~2016}****{Lenwell Family~2016}****{Mallory 9 months~2016}**Christy & Brian EngagementMr. Miles ~* newborn*~Matthew 3 years old{Powers kiddos ~ 2016}{*Emmaleigh~6 months*}{**Wright Family Maternity**} 2016Courtney Sue at 15**{Higgins Family}** 2016{*RUBY 6 MONTHS*}**{Nash Kiddos 2016}****{Devin Helmke class of 2016}****{SMITH WEDDING 2016}****{Ferrick kiddos}** 2016**{POWERS FAMILY}** 2016**{Carpenter Family}** 2016**{Schumm Family}** 2016**{Titan Helmke class of 2017}****{Jen and her boys}****{Haynes Family 2016}****{Sarah & Drew}** engagment**{Cullar family 2016}****{Nick King class of 2017}****{Landis Family 2016}****{Cassie Mcfarren Class of 2017}****{Kassi Christman class of 2017}****{Brielle and Briley 2016}****{LEMLER FAMILY}** 2016**{Prescott Family 2016}****{Lance & Kayla Clark 2016}****{Sara & her crew}****{Hosier Family 2016}****{Felger Family 2016}****{Harper 2016}****{Ulmer Family 2016}****{Clark Family 2016}****{Tonia & her girls 2016}****{Melissa & her babies 2016}****{Banter Family 2016}****{Emmaleigh ONE year old}****{Moore Boys 2016}*****{Popplewell Family 2016}*****{Jordan Shoemaker Class of 2017}****{Madeline Queener Class of 2017}****{Grace Moser Senior class of 2017}*****{Ruby is ONE}******{Greyson is ONE}***Blessing photos 8x10 enlargement***{Bryon & Makaylah~ Engagement}******{Andrew class of 2017}***{Grand Marshall- Don Feller 2017}++**{Southern Wells Prom 2017}**++**{ERIC & PAM BLESSING}****{Penrod/ Arnold Family}*****{Musselman Family}******{Teeple Family}******{Queener extended family}*****{Riley Family 2017}*****{Prible Family 2017}***Janell 4 H project***{Miles is ONE!!}******{Bushee kiddos}******{Prible Wedding}******{COURTNEY Southern Wells Class of 2018}*****{LEMLER FAMILY 2017}*****{Krinn Family 2017}******{BETTS ENGAGEMENT}****{Brubaker Family 2017}****{Peeper Family}****{Wright Family 2017}*****{Michael & Shannon ~ Engagement}*****{Kellogg Family 2017}*****{Klitz Family}******{Espich Family}******{Stanley Family}******{Lenhart Family 2017}******{Jen & her boys 2017}******{Davis Family 2017}******{Howell Triplets}******{Lenwell Family 2017}*****{CULLAR FAMILY 2017}****{THE GARRETTS 2017}*****{Hosier Family 2017}******{Harper is ONE}******{ALAN & EDEN are engaged}*****{Matt & Gabby}**{Dan & Malorie got Engaged}***{JOURNEY NEWBORN 2018}*****{Wallace 2018}****{IMI project 2018}****{Erin White- Southern Wells Class of 2018}****{MABEL LYNN}****{Jellison Family 2018}**++{Terrell Wedding}++**{Hillyard Engagement}**++{BETTS WEDDING}++**{Blake & Bailee Engagement}*****{Welcome to the World Camryn}***++{Hillyard Wedding}++**{Minnich Family 2018}*****{ANTRIM ENGAGEMENT}*****{JOHNSON WEDDING }**